Altcoin market analysis – IOTA passes TRON

The total market capital has risen to 294 billion euros. All crypto currencies of the Top 10 up to TRON could show price rises. Up-to-date it looks with all crypto currencies after a consolidation.

So is a Bitcoin loophole starting now?

Not so fast. All crypto currencies under consideration are currently in consolidation. Look here: Accordingly, you should wait and see whether the price bounces off the specified supports or even rises above the specified resistances before opening a long Bitcoin loophole position.

The price development of the ten crypto currencies with the highest market capital, which is stated in billions of euros, is shown. For crypto currencies that are currently not directly exchangeable into euros, the respective trading pair was taken with US dollars as the basis and converted into euros.

After last week, this was a welcome recovery. 86 percent of the crypto currencies in the Top 100 were able to show price increases. The balance within the top 10 is similar: With the exception of TRON, all prices were able to rise. The same can be said in comparison to Bitcoin: With the exception of Tron, all other currencies performed better than Bitcoin. Market capital rose accordingly from 281 billion euros to 294 billion euros. The structure of the top 10 has hardly changed: Only IOTA and TRON changed their places

Best price development of the news spy

Trinity Wallet, a new partnership with DNB ASA and rumours of Qubic led to a very positive week for IOTA: After a test of the exponential moving average EMA100, the price could rise above this and rise to 1.70 Euro. Since then the price has fallen again and is currently testing the news spy support described by the EMA50.

The positive, but falling MACD and the RSI at 47 speak a bearish language overall. It is still too early for a long position, rather one should at least wait for a rebound to one of the exponential moving averages or to the support at 1.41 Euro. The target for such a long position would be the resistance, which is described by the weekly maximum and lies at 1.74 Euro. The mentioned support can be used as a stop loss.

Worst price development: TRON (TRX)

The price fall already announced last week could not be stopped by the Mainnet launch. The price tested the resistance described by the exponential moving average EMA50, but bounced off it and fell back to lower values. A downward trend has been pursued since May 20th. A little hope is given by the bullish divergence between the price trend in late May and the behavior of RSI and MACD.

A negative MACD as well as an RSI at 43 lead to an overall bearish impression. One approach would be to wait for a rebound and use the support at a good 0.05 US dollars as a stop loss for a long position. As a target, the resistance described by the downtrend at just under 0.07 US Dollar would offer itself.

Stability of the Top 10
Again the fight rages primarily on the rear places of the Top 10: Cardano has fallen behind Stellar in the meantime, but the two crypto currencies only separate four percent. TRON and IOTA also continue to race head-to-head. They are only separated by 8 per thousand. The other crypto currencies of the top 10 separate at least 20 percent. Likewise, NEO would have to increase by at least 22 percent to overtake IOTA.

Winners and losers in the course fall
On average, all crypto currencies have risen by 5 percent. The majority of crypto currencies have thus performed about as well as Bitcoin. For the top 100, the situation is somewhat different: Here, prices have risen by an average of 9 percent.

In the general upswing, Theta Token, Huobi Token and Golem are particularly noticeable with price increases of 58 percent, 39 percent and 30 percent respectively. However, all of them have too little market capital to climb to the top 10 within a week. TRON is the worst performing currency not only within the top 10, but also within the top 100.

In total, only 36 percent of crypto currencies within the top 10 have the lowest performance.