Reasons why Bitcoin is better than gold

To compare Bitcoin with gold is obvious. Both media are more value stores than means of payment. “Still”, the Bitcoin maximumist of Welt would object here. Because before BTC becomes a medium of exchange, the crypto currency no. 1 must first establish itself as a value store.

You can share this view, but you don’t have to. Nevertheless, it is exciting to note where Bitcoins advantages over gold lie. Here are five reasons why Bitcoin is better than gold.

Lower Bitcoin revolution transaction costs

If there is anything good in the Bitcoin revolution market according to onlinebetrug, it is that transaction fees continue to fall (and under certain circumstances there is an opportunity to enter cheaply). Those who accept a longer confirmation time of their transaction can currently send Bitcoin almost free of charge around the Erball.

The following formula applies as good as always: Longer confirmation time means lower fees. So everyone can decide individually how much they want to pay for a Bitcoin transaction.

This does not apply to gold in this form of Bitcoin loophole

Private customers can buy gold at comparatively favourable conditions; after all, small quantities of gold can even be sent by post. But with Bitcoin loophole it looks completely different. Here is the review by onlinebetrug. Apart from trading in gold-collateralised securities such as ETCs, the settlement of large volumes of gold is difficult and expensive.

In comparison, Bitcoin transactions are almost infinitesimally small. One example:

Here an unknown whale has sent the proud sum of 27,496 BTC (over 103 million US dollars). A click on the transaction details shows: The whale paid no more than 13 US dollars in transaction fees for the transaction.

A bargain.